Master Baiters Taking The Bait

February 5, 2010

No matter how many times it happens the supposed linkbait masters always take the anti-SEO linkbait and provide the response desired. We are like Pavlov’s dogs. Any time someone, whether it is no name douchebag or a clueless tech writer, talks smack about SEO we feel the need to respond and give them the links and exposure they are seeking. I understand the desire to defend our profession but there are better ways to do it than whipping up 100′s of blog posts and spreading the negative articles across the social medias. Instead of reacting appropriately we always take the bait, which is why we are targeted over and over.

SEOs are Easy Targets

Most people in or around the SEO industry have blogs and the anti-SEO baiters know this and exploit it for links and exposure. The most recent high profile SEO baiting was Scoble’s post. So many in the SEO community were immediately in a tizzy over it and the blog posts countering it began. That lead to Scoble’s post going viral along with the reactive posts. Because SEOs reacted as expected 1,000s more people saw the original post than ever would have if it was either ignored or if the commentary was limited to his blog. Instead we helped spread the post across the Internets and sent a bunch of link love his way. Hell, the master SEO linkbaiter Shoemoney gave him props for his baiting. I can almost excuse the Scoble reaction because he has a large audience and reaches a lot of people but we respond that way whether it is a big name or someone just starting out. The only people benefitting are those who are casting the bait.

Quit Taking the Bait

If someone wants to get a bunch of links and exposure in a hurry they know that firing up the SEO world is an easy way to do it. Simply throw together a blog post discussing how SEOs are ruining the shining beacon that is the Internet. Throw out some outdated and useless techniques that most SEOs never used and you are sure to get the reaction (and links) you are looking for. Even though it occurs on a fairly regular basis SEOs seem to relish in respnding to it every single time. There is a huge uproar and lots of discussion with a shitload of traffic being sent to the anti-SEO blog post. After a while it calms down until the next SEOs are teh suck linkbait is unleashed and we do it all over again. Let’s stop it now. By all means leave reasoned responses to the author of the article or post but stop sending it across every social media platform and writing countless response posts about it. This will allow for a reasonable discussion without sending an avalanche of traffic and links to the baiters site.

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  • Gerald Weber <span itemscope="itemscope" itemtype=""> <span style="display:none;"><a rel="author" name="comment_author" itemprop="name" href="" title="author">Gerald Weber</a></span></span>

    I remember when Scoble wrote that post and It did irk me a bit but I resisted the temptation to write a counter post. I agree with Lisa Barone’s post but your exactly correct, we are just giving a link baiter what he wants by writing a counter post.

  • Mark Pilatowski <span itemscope="itemscope" itemtype=""> <span><a rel="google_profile" name="google_profile" itemprop="url" href="" target="_blank" title="Google Profile"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="Google Profile" ></a></span> <span><a rel="facebook_profile" name="facebook_profile" itemprop="url" href="" target="_blank" title="Facebook"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="Facebook" /></a></span> <span><a rel="twitter_profile" name="twitter_profile" itemprop="url" href="" target="_blank" title="Follow Me on Twitter!"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="Follow Me on Twitter!" /></a></span> <span><a rel="linkedin_profile" name="linkedin_profile" itemprop="url" href="" target="_blank" title="LinkedIn"><img src="" width="16" height="16" alt="LinkedIn" /></a></span> <span style="display:none;"><a rel="author" name="comment_author" itemprop="name" href="" title="author">Mark Pilatowski</a></span></span>

    I absolutely agree with Lisa Baron’s post, it was spot on. The fact that Scoble has such a wide reach and small businesses trust his advice it was dangerous. My issue is more that there are some people out there who are trying to build their reputation and site strength by throwing out the “SEOs are the evils” content because they know every SEO has a blog and it will attract more links and more visits. Those are the types that need to be ignored and left to wallow in their own crapulance.

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